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Our company has been built on quality and service. We treat our customers the way we would expect to be treated.


Staley Concrete has two separate concrete plants, each is state inspected and approved. We have computer controlled batch systems with the most up to date software available. If one plant experiences a problem, we just load from the other with no delays in delivery. When we are busy or have multiple trucks due on jobs at the same time, we load from both plants at once to stay as close as possible to your scheduled time.


We also sell several kinds of “fill” material, such as sand, 3/8” pea gravel, 5/8” pea gravel, recycle and washout.  Our most affordable fill would be “washout.” This material is flushed with water and then stockpiled to drain. It is then fed through grizzly screens to sort out any chunks that may exist. The end result is a material that is handleable and compacts extremely well. Call Ron for pricing at 217/202-2716.


We can load any of our fill materials on your trucks or schedule it for delivery. All material is weighed with EZ scale, a digital bucket scale which are installed on both of our front end loaders.


We make our best efforts to use all local parts and materials. 



We do business with many competent contractors and will be more than happy to refer you to those that are best equipped for your particular job.

Dispatch 217-356-9533

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